Operational support

The traditional problem with software editor support is its need for more engagement with the client. Have you ever been confronted with a question such as, "But why do you want to do that?" for something self-evident? How many times did you waste precious time describing your problem once again to yet another support agent?

Nellsoft's operational support knows you and your environment. He's in the best position to tell you how to do something you still need to remember. They're the best people to understand whether it's a configuration to be improved, a software bug, or whether you can do things differently and be more productive. In the case of a bug, we escalate to the software vendor, of course. But our relationship with our editors will save you precious time, and you'll get a solution much quicker.

Customer benefits

Our support will save you precious time and relieve you of singular tasks:

We'll solve your configuration problems fast.

We'll tell you how to do things better in your context.

We'll quickly diagnose whether it's a "bug or a feature."

We'll help you get the most out of publisher support.

The Nellsoft team is available to answer all your questions. Let's talk about it in a video meeting very soon.