Audit and consulting

Thanks to more than 20 years in business, Nellsoft has built solid expertise and can help you in various situations.

Audit of your information system
Thanks to our proprietary methodology, Nellsoft can analyze the security of your information system in all aspects and provide you with a long-term assessment tool. You'll be able to make consistent investments and sustainably improve your security posture. You'll have permanent control points, even if your technology evolves.

Support for PCI certification
The problem with QSA is that its recommendations can't be too specific and practical. Why is that? They're not allowed to be judge and jury. They are not allowed to design a solution and then certify it. This is where Nellsoft is needed. We'll translate the findings into a practical solution that fits your technical and financial context.

Definition of specifications and assistance with RFP
Defining specifications requires real experience in understanding your context and objectives and translating them into a technical description.

Defining your security roadmap
Thanks to a methodology developed in-house, Nellsoft can help you define a security roadmap. It will consider your risk profile and the hazards of an organization like yours. It will have consistent stages like in building a new house: first, the foundations, then the walls, and finally, the roof. It will not give in to the moment's fashion on this or that product. Your roadmap will be sustainable over time, and your progress will be measurable.

The Nellsoft team is available to answer all your questions. Let's talk about it in a video meeting very soon.