About Nellsoft

With 20 years of experience in Europe and Africa, we help CISO reach their goals in terms of cybersecurity and data security management.


Nellsoft was created in 2004 with the vision to provide cybersecurity solutions with an outstanding customer service. Back in the old days, the scope of IT security was quite limited compared to today. Lionel Gresse initially started providing vulnerability management solutions in the Swiss and French market. Over time, the client base grew and new needs arised. Firewalls and VPNs were added in 2007, SIEM and PCI consulting were added in 2008. NAC and PAM solutions were added to the portfolio in 2014. Microsegmentation has been the latest addition in 2019. Today, Nellsoft has developed a comprehensive methodology to define and deliver a complete cybersecurity roadmap to an enterprise.

Nellsoft is a customer driven cybersecurity provider. As a trusted advisor, our mission is to deliver high value to our client base. I believe that choosing and purchasing cybersecurity products is unnecessarily way to complex, difficult and time consuming. Nellsoft aim to smooth out the client experience from a transparent and dynamic purchasing process to a multiyear success for the CISO who trust us.


Nellsoft is family owned and operated. It is independent from all the cybersecurity vendors. It has no volume commitment or contractual sales target to reach. With its deep technical know-how, Nellsoft can independently advise on how to choose and use the best cybersecurity technology.


With its Swiss roots, Nellsoft has a strong attention to details and the culture of quality.

Passion for tech.

Founded by an engineer, Nellsoft has a very strong technical culture.


The mission of Nellsoft is to help CISO succeed. We measure our results by the success we provide our clients.