Products are not enough in cybersecurity. In fact, 80% of all IT security break practices can only be implemented by human beings either through one-time actions or recurrent processes. Human beings are definitely underrated. Our service portfolio has been designed to deliver what CISO or IT departments typically find challening.

Cybersecurity roadmap

Nellsoft has developed a structured methodology to assess the security posture of an environment. It gives a clear picture of where you are and defines the improvement needed. The methodology takes into account the dependencies of all cybersecurity aspects. It avoids the common error of making investment in the wrong order. It is stable on the long term and can track an organization progresses over many years. We started more than 10 years ago and can track our customers over more than a decade period.

Key benefits

High-level approach for the CxO level

Measures the quality of investments in IT security

Technology and vendor independent

Stable over years

Risk based, tested over thousands of companies throughout the world

CISO coaching

CISO is a complex job that requires a very broad set of know-how and very often conflicting skills. But most importantly, most CISOs don’t have the feedback of real-world experience to take their decision. They can’t measure the consequences of their strategic decision. They also need advices on issues as they arise. That’s why the CISO coaching program has been designed. It is a one-to-one service where Nellsoft provide constant support and feedback to CISO.

Key benefits

Advices based on real world experience

Vendor and technology independent coaching

Measurable results

RFP design and support

Writing an RFP is daunting, especially for first-time purchase. A good RFP summarizes all the needs of a company, but also provide the right information to potential vendors to maximize the quality of responses. The right RFP ensures that a company gets the best technology and service at the right price. With years of experience in its field, and being multivendor, Nellsoft can provide a broad perspective and will help you making the right strategic decision.

Key benefits

Long experience with competing technologies and vendors

Independent advice on the side of the client

No conflict of interest in the RFP process

Negotiation advices from a reseller “who knows how things work on the other side of the fence”

Installation services

The best solution is nothing if it is not installed following the best practices. We have the highest certifications on all the product we install. Our years of experience have taught us what works and what does not. We’ll provide you precious advices on how to architect and plan your deployment. Our execution will be measurable, on time and on budget.

Key benefits

Deep technological knowledge as standard

Insights from years of experience

Flowless execution

Flexible approach to fit the client perspective

Recurrent security audits and scans

One of the weakness of most IT department is delivering recurrent security processes such as dealing with monthly security scans. Firefighting, business emergencies, urgent operational issues pop up all the time. The prevent the IT department to work on IT security on a regular basis. Important but non urgent matters always end up on the back burner. A few months later, nothing has changed. Worse, more vulnerabilities have appeared in the meantime. Our recurrent services solve this problem. Have one consultant onsite once a month or following up on scan results on a regular basis will break this pattern. Overtime, security problems will get solved and the security posture will improve.

Key benefits

Breaks the pattern of firefighting

Delivers measurable effects

Low overhead on the IT department

More time for the IT department

Consulting services

Sometimes, you need the input from an external unbiased expert. When you have a security issue to solve, a new architecture to plan and when you need additional know-how, you can benefit from our 20 years of experience in solving complex cybersecurity problems.

Key benefits

20 years of experience at your service

Specialized know-how immediately available