Delinea Secret Server

Delinea Secret Server

Why Secret Server?

Some users are more potent than others within an application or operating system. They have “superpowers”. Technically speaking, these are called privileged accounts. In concrete terms, they can modify the application or system at will. If these accounts fall into the wrong hands, the consequences can be dramatic.

Secret Server aims to provide 360° protection for a privileged account. Some will say they already have what they need with Keepass or any other password manager. But protecting such an account goes much further than encrypting its storage.

  • Access to this account must be restricted by controlling who can use it.
  • It should be possible to use an account without knowing the password. It’s more comfortable for the user and prevents fraudsters from keeping it “for all practical purposes.”
  • Automating password rotation is the only way to succeed in doing it. Stealing this data is only valuable for a short time. Once changed, a password is worthless.
  • Services also need to be protected at the entry points where they can be used by providing SSH and RDP connections.
  • We also need to be able to monitor the use of the privileged account by recording the user’s movements. This limits fraud, just as video surveillance cameras greatly limit insecurity in the street.

Our expertise with Secret Server

Nellsoft was one of the first French resellers to offer this solution back in 2014. With this long experience with customers in France and abroad, Nellsoft will optimize your investment and help you make the most of this technology.