Solutions integration

A successful integration is much more than installing software on a computer. The client should get the best out of the purchased product in his environment. So, every integration is different. That's why Nellsoft has developed integration methods for every product it sells.

We based them on the best practices defined by the software vendor, and we added Nellsoft's years of experience. From the outset, they consider the customer's needs and specific characteristics, such as size, know-how, organization, and technical environment. The variables taken into account are numerous. The result is a reliable project plan. Nellsoft's technical know-how ensures you'll have no trouble navigating through the pitfalls and arriving at your destination with complete peace of mind.

Customer benefits

The benefits are many:

We can guarantee the client that the installation follows the best practices.

There are no surprises regarding cost, functionality, and schedule.

Getting the most out of its product allows the client to concentrate on other things and be more productive.

The Nellsoft team is available to answer all your questions. Let's talk about it in a video meeting very soon.