Rapid7 Nexpose

Rapid7 Nexpose

Why Nexpose?

Nexpose is the on-premise equivalent of QualysGuard. It’s the ideal vulnerability management solution when you need autonomy and reliability:

  • Environment strongly decoupled from the Internet
  • Strong physical segregation
  • You have complete control over the operations of the product

Its scan engine is one of the best in the market. It is reliable and free of false positives. It can perform both authenticated and non-authenticated scans. Nellsoft conducted comparative tests on production networks between the various products on the market. Nexpose came out on top with QualysGuard. That’s why we started working with Rapid7 over ten years ago.

Integration with Metasploit

Nexpose can be integrated with Metasploit to exploit discovered vulnerabilities. It saves much time in offensive testing.

Integration with third-party products

Nexpose integrates with many products:

  • Most SIEMs on the market
  • Incident management solutions
  • NG firewalls
  • Password managers

Our expertise Nexpose

Nellsoft has been working with Rapid7 for over ten years. With customers of all sizes and industries worldwide, it has a wealth of experience. Nellsoft can help you make the most of your investment.