HCL AppScan

HCL AppScan

Why AppScan?

While solutions such as QualysGuard or Nexpose are available to uncover vulnerabilities in off-the-shelf products, they are powerless for internally developed software. And yet, these products do have security flaws.

In such a situation, a source code analysis is necessary, but this is impossible to do manually. That’s where AppScan comes in.

This solution analyzes the source code of over 30 common programming languages. It can investigate containers and APIs.

Such a product enables security tests to be carried out much earlier in the development cycle. It is the so-called “shift left paradigm.” The benefits are numerous: programmers’ productivity increases, the security cost decreases, and applications are delivered faster.
This solution, if prescribed by the CISO, is, in fact, a tool for quality assurance developers. It enables them to get rapid feedback and progress thanks to the recommendations provided in the scan reports.

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Nellsoft has been working with AppScan for over ten years. With customers of all sizes and industries worldwide, we have a wealth of experience. Nellsoft will help you make the most of your investment.