Why QualysGuard?

Historically, QualysGuard was the first pure cloud-based vulnerability scanner. It is still the only one to this day. It is the solution’s primary differentiator. It enables CISOs to compensate for their lack of human resources. Most CISOs don’t have any staff working with them; if they do, their team is too small to spend much time on operational tasks. The solution to this problem is a Cloud solution, which is very quick to deploy and requires no maintenance. Over time, Qualys added many new features and modules, making it an enterprise-class vulnerability management platform.

Its scan engine is mighty. It is reliable and free of false positives. Many vulnerability scanners generate false positives in their results. They often claim to have discovered a vulnerability based simply on a software version number. The problem is that many products, particularly popular Linux distributions, keep the same version number after installing a security update. Another common issue is that scanners overevaluate the severity of a vulnerability. Such products deliver poor-quality results that discredit the CISO and his work internally. QualysGuard is not the problem and differentiates results by reliability level. It is also transparent about the method used to discover a security flaw. The advantage is that a CISO’s communication is relevant and credible.

QualysGuard combines the advantages of network scanning with machine-based agents. You can use either method or both. There’s no difference in cost. You can optimize your scanning infrastructure to suit your context. Agents, for example, are very well adapted to cloud or virtual servers. At the same time, network scans are perfect for discovering poorly inventoried systems or flaws in non-server components such as connected systems, printers, and network infrastructure.

QualysGuard comes with several additional modules to take things even further:

  • Web application scan module: analyzes a web application for application-level vulnerabilities such as SQL injection, XSS, and all the vulnerabilities in the OWASP Top 10 Web Application security risk.
  • Compliance management module: analyzes the security configuration and compares it with a model such as the CIS benchmarks. The focus is on secure configuration and hardening instead of missing patches.

Our QualysGuard expertise

Nellsoft has been working with Qualys for almost 20 years. With customers of all sizes and in all industries worldwide, it has a wealth of experience. Nellsoft can help you make the most of your investment.