SIEM solutions – Security Information and Event Management

Detect threats, fix incidents rapidly and pass compliance audits thanks to intelligent and top-ranked siem solutions

Siem solutionsWith rising trends and forms of attacks, organisations are increasingly turning towards Security Information and Event Management (SIEM) solutions. This technology provides a proactive measure to manage threats and to get an intelligent and centralized view of the organization’s security situation.

Instead of just reacting to external or internal attacks, SIEM solutions detect anomalies and enables investigations at an early stage. Corrective and defensive measures can be adopted rapidly, avoiding massive damages or IT disaster.

Among various applications, SIEM solutions meets the following needs :

  • Detect external attacks
  • Detect internal threats
  • Isolate suspicious behavior of log
  • Check of malware
  • Detection of unknown/unidentified ports, services, hosts or network devices
  • Report of network security and protection to meet compliance obligations

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