IT security training

Tools are not enough. Human intervention is essential. In order to efficiently run IT tools, a special training may be needed for you, your IT team and the end users.

At Nellsfoft, our mission consists in making sure that you correctly use the solutions that you use so that your investments are worth it. We provide training for all our products range. Our training sessions are personalized in order to fit your needs, your environment and your daily issues.

We provide different types of training

  • Distance training: our distance training is adapted to your needs and to the IT tools you are using. Content, duration and dates, your training sessions are entirely created according to your needs.

Distance training sessions are divided into two modules: a theoretical part and a practical part. The main advantage consists in the fact that our experts directly intervene on your IT infrastructure. You benefit from a “mini-integration” on your own tools and work environment.

In terms of investment, our distance training service has an excellent value for money. The sessions are short and rich, with one or several modules that lasts four hours at the most. It is easy to fit in CISO’s and IT managers loaded schedule.

  • Onsite training : unlike distance training, onsite training are usually recommended when the needs exceed one day of training. All the operations are executed on the client’s infrastructure.

In comparison with training sessions provided by software editors, Nellsoft offered tailor-made training services whether it concerns the content, the dates or the price. When choosing a training session organized by an editor, you receive a standard learning and you can’t choose the date of your training session. In order to perfectly fit your needs, Nellsoft provides you a bespoke service with personalized content. Together, we choose a date that is convenient for you and your team’s agenda. You benefit from a tailor-made learning that can include the improvement of configuration points as well as concrete answers to specific technical questions that you may have. Furthermore, our prices are competitive because it is not correlated to the number of participants. Our training sessions are priced on a daily basis that is the same whether you are three or five participants.

  • Support & assistance: Nellsoft assists you on the long term. Once your solution is deployed and that your team is trained, we continue to assist you and answer your questions. You can fully benefit of your equipment, serenely and efficiently.

Why choosing Nellsoft as your training partner

  • A unique expert at your service.
  • A wide range of training programs available
  • Tailor made training programs that are adapted to your needs and environment
  • Theoretical and practical elements for a fast adoption of the tool
  • A personalized and advantageous pricing
  • Adjustable dates to fit your agenda
  • Technical and practical documentation
  • A technical long-term assistance to help you manage your IT problems.

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