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IT security consulting

With over ten years’ experience in the computer security industry, Nellsoft is a key partner for companies managing sensitive data. Our team provides IT security consulting and assistance to your organisation for any IT issue you may encounter.

We use our broad knowledge and our strong expertise to help you take the most appropriate decisions for your business, considering your needs and your environment. With Nellsoft, you manage your IT decisions with serenity.

We cover various missions such as:

  • Management of the technical part of your call for tender: Nellsoft helps you define the technical brief in the first place. We manage the providers presentations, specify the issues to the vendors and we study their feasability demos. We evaluate with you the technical propositions to identify the most suited solution.
  • Installation and integration: once the solution is selected, Nellsoft can integrate and configure it for you, considering the technical environment and the objectives of your business.
  • Managed Services: in case your organisation doesn’t have the human resources to efficiently run the product, Nellsoft accompanies you along the outsourcing process of your information system, whether it is partial or complete. We can manage the different steps of this process : study the missions to outsource, study the feasability, defitinition of a brief, call for tender, definition of the managed services contract and project follow up.
  • The deployment of your internal IT policy : in order to improve the level of the computer security of your business, it is crucial to communicate to the end users the rules and best IT practices to correctly, securely and efficiently use your IT tools.

Key benefits for your organisation

  • The assistance of one signe IT expert at your service
  • An improved understanding of the technical part of your computer park
  • An informed opinion to take strategic decisions
  • A facilitated integration of your new tools in your existing IT systems.
  • Securing the behaviors of the end-users of your IT solutions

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