IT Security Auditing

In many industries, computer security auditing is a legal obligation that they can’t avoid. As a matter of fact, hackers’ attacks have boomed of 120% in 2014. The numerous security breaches that are exploitable opportunities for hackers explain this vertiginous statistic. Thanks to the latest audit tools, Nellsoft ensures your organization that its infrastructures are compliant with the current standards and efficiently protected.


Audits that we can manage for you

  • Global audit of your computer security system (several audits available)
  • Evaluation of the vulnerability / Risk management : it measures the security level of a system or of a specific scope. It precisely identify the security breaches that can expose the system to external threats.
  • Definition of a method to neutralize the identified breaches and elaboration of an action plan to eliminate them.
  • Intrusion test: we simulate an attack led by an evil user of software in order to analyze the potential risks due to a misconfiguration of the system, a program bug or a vulnerability.
  • Web application auditing:  we assess the security breaches of your web applications to prevent your organization from potential hackers.
  • Wifi networks auditing: we analyze the dysfunctions of your wifi network, intrusive tests and research for the potential security breaches.
  • Auditing of your mobile infrastructures: we verify your fleet of mobile devices, the smartphones security, the applications and content management, the compliance with the IT policy of your company.
  • PCI (Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard) DSS Pre-audit: we make sure that the different control points are effectively applied and that the protection of banking data is efficient.
  • Anti-virus auditing : assessment of the reliability and the correct operation of your anti-virus software

Key benefits for your company

  • Helicopter view of the security performance of your computer system
  • Report of the strengths and weaknesses of your computer system
  • Identification of the potential breaches that can be used by evil users or softwares
  • Compliance controls of your equipments with internal and external standards
  • Compliance controls of the IT practices of your internal and external team members
  • Control of the IT security of your mobiles solutions.

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