Logpoint, SIEM solution

Logpoint, the next-generation SIEM

LogPoint is a security information and event management (SIEM) solution. It provides an unparalleled detection and response speed to IT infrastructures, from SMEs to large companies.

As a next-generation European SIEM, LogPoint is a security and event management solution that is very easy to learn while offering the same functionalities as the best SIEMs. Your teams are more efficient, more productive and the daily management is greatly simplified. This SIEM will adapt to all future changes in your information system thanks to its No-SQL database technology. This means that you won’t be restricted over time.

Key benefits


  • Ease of use : LogPoint is designed for quick learning, with no need for specialized skills. As a result, users can be up and running quickly and master in no time the main features.
  • Cost management : The license price is calculated according to the number of nodes. You know beforehand how much you are paying, regardless of the volume of data.
  • High level certifications : LogPoint is EAL 3+ certified, a certification required by NATO and critical infrastructure organizations (military, intelligence agencies, utilities and telecoms…)
  • UEBA : LogPoint’s UEBA (user and entity behavior analytics) provides the contextual information needed to make faster decisions based on better information.

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