Alienvault Security Information and Event Management (SIEM) Platform

AlienVault Unified Security Management™ (USM) is an all-in-one SIEM platform designed and priced to ensure that mid-market organizations can effectively defend themselves against today’s advanced threats.

Working in a secure IT environment is today vital for corporate performance and productivity. As a Unified Security Management (USM) software, AlienVault SIEM solution is the perfect tool to monitor and ensure in real time that all your employees and collaborators are operating in a secure environment. Moreover, it offloads your IT team with constraining and time-consuming tasks, so that they can focus on high value and productive activities.

AlienVault SIEM solution ensures your organization full and strategic IT security visibility providing you with built-in vulnerability management tools. Moreover, AlienVault Labs also provides your company with continuous threat intelligence updates and other important security solutions.

  • Includes network intrusion detection (NIDS), host-based intrusion detection (HIDS), and wireless intrusion detection (WIDS)
  • Combines asset discovery, vulnerability assessment, IDS, SIEM, and netflow analysis in one console
  • Utilizes real-time insights from OTX™ based on crowd-sourced info on known malicious hosts
  • Stays current with continuous updates including new rule sets, signatures, reports, and more
  • Offers full threat context and step-by-step response guidance for attacks
  • Deploys and provides insights in less than an hour
AlienVault SIEM has immensely increased the visibility of security in our network. AlienVault SIEM is truly amazing." Source??

AlienVault Unified Security Management

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