Why is it necessary to secure corporate data with powerful password management tools?

Companies are increasingly worried about their IT systems and feel the need to better protect their infrastructure. The study of successful cyberattacks shows that a good and efficient use of passwords was not in place and would have avoided the compromise. It is thus essential for organizations to implement effective password management in order to protect confidential data against ill-intentioned internal or external persons.


What are the solutions ?

There are various tools to protect and manage corporate passwords. Depending on the needs and services required, three main solutions can be highlighted.


Secret Server

With Secret Server enterprise password management software, any organization has the possibility to control access to critical passwords using a centralized and web-based repository. This password management software offers permissioned users secure access to passwords and other privileged information.


Group Management Server

Self-Service AD Group Management has been designed for end-users and team leaders. Group Management Server is self-service Active Directory Group management software that enables IT administrators to delegate AD Group membership to department managers. The software simplifies administration, streamlines individual tasks, and brings AD Group management into a centralized, secure dashboard. This easy-to-use Active Directory management tool eliminates the time IT teams spend on AD Group membership changes by allowing end users to make all changes within the fully audited tool. A small change in how Groups are managed makes a big difference to any organization efficiency and bottom line.


Password Reset Server

Self-Service Password Reset Server has been created for end-users. It reduces the amount of calls received by a corporate Help Desk and it let the freedom to employees to reset their own passwords through a series of secure questions, images and even phone controls. This tool simplifies and secures the password resetting process for non-technical end-users. It combines ease-of-use with advanced security and meets Section 508 compliance standards.

Attractive pricing, reliable support and user-friendly interface make this self-service password reset tool the best choice for end users in any size organization.


What are the benefits of implementing a password management solution?

Password management and protection software have four key benefits:

  • Employees’ access management
  • Identity control and access verification
  • Protection of personal entrusted information
  • Protection of YOUR own personal data


Which companies should seriously consider implementing a password management and protection tool?

All of them, clearly. Too many companies still underestimate the importance of generating and managing highly secure passwords. The majority of successful cyberattacks are due to weak passwords. In 2015, we estimate that 97% of cyberattacks could have been avoided with the use of password management and protection software.

Nellsoft is the perfect advisor if your organization is wondering whether or not it should implement a password management and protection tool. Our tailored solutions have been designed to suits your company by taking into consideration all your needs and expectations.

Please don’t hesitate to contact our team of experts for further information or for free trial!


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