Mobile device management: clever solution to protect corporate data

A Mobile Device Management (MDM) solution is a powerful IT tool allowing your organization to manage mobile devices such as smartphones, laptops and tablets via a single centralized interface. MDM solutions can manage from a dozen to several thousands of mobile devices, even if the devices are using different operating systems.

With the increasing diversity of mobile devices available on the market, platforms and operating systems (OS), organizations are rapidly overloaded. Whether the devices are provided by the organization or managed by IT managers via BYOD policy, corporate digitalization is increasing the level of threats and malicious attacks companies are facing.

In such a context, MDM policies and solutions appear as necessary to protect organizations. For instance, MDM tools have the power to configure Wifi and 3G according to safe IT conditions defined by the company IT policy. MDM is meant to secure devices connections in order to reduce the amount of cyber risks (hacking, data loss, data leakage etc) personal devices are facing.

With the expansion of BYOD, many mobile devices are facing data breaches. Indeed, collaborators are using personal devices to complete professional tasks without knowing the cyber risks hidden behind such a practice. Sensitive and/or confidential data can be publically exposed to potential hackers. It is thus critical to implement a super IT controller having an overall vision on all mobile devices.

An MDM solution also offers the possibility to manage credentials and passwords. How does it work concretely? The whole device is remotely controlled by the MDM platform. In case of any problems encountered, credentials and passwords can be changed in order to avoid data leakage or data theft. Using the same procedure, the device can be blocked if any serious threat or non-compliant behavior is detected. As a last resort and when no other security solution can be found to protect corporate data, the device can be destroyed.

In order to achieve its mission being 100% efficient, MDM is identifying and handling devices characteristics, product life cycle, instant localization, usage policy and compliance controls. Moreover specific user assistance has also been implemented, including intuitive services directly available on the platform if needed.

In brief, a MDM solution provides your organization with financial, managerial, strategic and technological gains: data is protected, devices are guaranteed as compliant to IT policy, investments are cheap (prevention is always cheaper than recovery), tool management is easy and intuitive and collaborators can work efficiently using secure devices.

According to a recent study released by the Nemertes Reseach Group, 46% of American companies have already implemented MDM solutions in 2014. 84% of the others say they will deploy one by the end of the year 2015. In continental Europe, it is hard to find reliable data as the BYOD trend is still not as developed as in the UK. However, it is known that only a minority of players have implemented such an IT policy.

As an expert in IT Security, Nellsoft provides you with answers to common questions frequently asked by organizations willing to implement a MDM platform.

1. First of all, it is critical to create a policy indicating that the IT department (or the IT manager) will have a full control over all professional devices belonging to the organization. In many companies, this practice can be extended to personal devices used for professional purposes (BYOD). Even if we are facing a paradox between IT security and privacy, any company should know that it will be held responsible if a collaborator is accessing sensitive or confidential data. Therefore, an organization should act pragmatically to avoid such scenario.

2. It is pure illusion to believe that private and professional environments have boundaries on the same device, especially if data leakage is a problem. Sooner or later, data will be mixed because of the limitations of secure contents. In such a context, any organization should provide two different devices to strategic collaborators: one for professional tasks and the other for personal use.

3. A MDM solution also covering laptops presents many advantages. Among them, it allows to simplify IT security within the organization while reducing costs in the same time.

4. Finally, a MDM solution should be integrated to an overall IT strategy and existing contents: DLP, proxy, content filtering, and authentication. MDM is not about creating barriers around mobile devices but integrating them efficiently to the information system according to security norms.

In the case you have already considered the previous points, Nellsoft has selected for you two MDM market leading solutions: IBM MAAS360 and Air-Watch Mobile Device Management.

If you would like to know more about MDM software our company provides, please don’t hesitate to contact our team of experts.


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