Getting compliant with PCI DSS without disruption in your business

Facing an increasing number of emerging threats concerning cardholder information, the Payment Card Industry (PCI) has recently come to the decision of establishing market regulatory standards. These new regulations – called Data Security Standard (DSS) – have been enforced in order to ensure security and protection of personal data by implementing compulsory and regular IT audits. To this end, 12 regulatory requirements with specific guidelines for controlling access to cardholders’ non-public personal information (NPPI) have been implemented.

ForeScout’s CounterAct compliance platform is one of the best solutions provided to companies being submitted to the PCI DSS. It is a full solution helping firms in their daily IT management.

ForeScout’s CounterAct is ideally suited to satisfy these regulations without any disruptions in your daily business. Moreover, it easily plugs into any network (independent of what switch, router or OS is in place) and can be used to protect and control access to cardholder NPPI.

In addition, the level of protection offered by this software is maximal as one if its unique strength is its capacity to create a virtual firewall around specific network assets (such as the storage devices containing cardholder NPPI). In order to establish this virtual firewall and to protect your devices, the network is segmented into different categories. Although a physical firewall or inline NAC appliance would also work in this situation, the solution provided by CounterAct is far more innovative than these traditional and obsolete means of protection. In fact, ForeScout’s CounterAct doesn’t need any infrastructural upgrades and has zero impact on user efficiency and productivity.

Finally, this software offers the possibility to define and enforce global security policies. Clearly, it means that all attempts to access cardholder NPPI can easily be identified, authorized or blocked by IT managers and reported in local languages if needed.

If you wish to follow the PCI DSS standards by deploying ForeScouts’ CounterAct compliance platform in your organization, please contact us for a personalized pre-audit.


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