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RSA Security Information and Event Management (SIEM): A security system that provides pervasive infrastructure visibility, enables actionable intelligence and immediate threat investigations, and initiates automated security-incident remediation.

The need to swiftly and effectively act on security challenges and address compliance regulations has never been greater, yet expanding enterprise networks and data traffic produces exponentially increasing log file volume. The RSA SIEM platform has been shown to provide the most efficient collection, analysis and management of All the Data™ from any IP device, in computing environments of any size, without filtering and without the need to deploy agents.

A comprehensive SIEM solution

The RSA SIEM platform
Provides the power to gather and use log data to understand your security, compliance, or operational status in real time or over any period of time. Over 800 customers, including major global enterprises, have proven that there is no more comprehensive, scalable, or efficient way of transforming raw log data into actionable compliance and security intelligence.

RSA Security Analytics
A security monitoring platform that leverages and extends the architecture and analytics of RSA NetWitness. Security Analytics redefines SIEM by combining network monitoring, traditional log-centric SIEM, forensics, compliance, and big data management and analytics.

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